About Us

Welcome to Manta Liveaboards, your gateway to the unparalleled underwater world of northern Palawan.

Manta Liveaboards was established in 2023 and is based in the stunning region of Coron, Palawan. We are an independent liveaboard company, distinctively apart from the large fleets, offering a personalized and unique diving experience. Our founders, Luke Williams from the UK and Travis Weaver from Australia, are passionate scuba divers and profound ocean lovers. Their combined love for the sea and exploration led to the inception of Manta Liveaboards.

Manta is the first large liveaboard vessel to base itself in this pristine area and the first to offer the amazing Coron – El Nido Route. But at Manta Liveaboards, it’s more than just scuba diving. Our trips are designed to give you a rich, holistic experience, incorporating village tours, live music, and trivia nights, making your journey as much about the local culture as it is about the spectacular marine life.

Our crew, made up of local Filipinos, brings onboard not just the warm hospitality this country is known for, but also an unmatched understanding of the local marine environment and the vibrant culture.